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Drappi di pietra // Foulard

Vibrant design expressions, lights and shadows, multiform and streamline dimensions: with Drappi di Pietra the organic solidity of stone opens up to unprecedented aesthetic dimensions, with a novel delicacy of silhouettes and lightness of shapes. An innovative and unmistakable approach characterizes these five models, each featuring a carefully coined name taken from the world of fabrics, as the whole collection acquires both the thin texture and the strong three-dimensionality typical of fabric drapery. The surfaces thus become alive with a game of reflected light, chiaroscuro and shadow effects that give the cladding an aura of gauzy lightness. Every model is a melting pot of pure texture, of optical and tactile sensations that exude from the pure material, which is processed with passion and deep respect. The processing system of the entire collection was studied in order to minimize processing waste; in addition, the ingenious articulation of the models required an in-depth and exhaustive study of their laying system; what’s more, this method also enhances their already excellent thermal insulation properties. Drappi di Pietra represents a milestone in the manufacturing tale of Lithos Design Primes, a tale emphasizing the expressive abilities of stone and turning, year after year, into a series of increasingly astounding discoveries about its enormous decorative potential.


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